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I’m the type of girl who leaves everything to the last-minute, this includes washing my hair. I’ve got such a thick mane that washing, drying and then styling it becomes something I try to avoid for as long as I possibly can. It’s one horribly, tedious job so if I can get around this and still look decent, I’m all for it. I saw a tutorial on Instagram a few weeks ago and had to give it a try as I love a ‘little effort as possible’ hairstyle. This is the perfect solution if your hair is desperate to be washed but you’re not desperate to spend the time styling it. Push Up Lingerie

Step by Step Guide

1. Wash your hair as normal and towel dry to take out any excess water. My hair is quite thick so if you’re the same, you could also blast it with a hairdryer a little.

2. Spray on your favourite sea salt spray. I used my DIY sea salt spray that I made on my blog here

3. Separate your hair into big sections. I did one on top, two on each side and three down the back. These can differ depending on the thickness and length of your hair. If you want a loose wave I would do less.

4. Start twisting your first section and then wrap it around itself as shown in the photo above. Pin this in place using a Bobby pin, leaving the ends out.

5. Do this until your hair is all twisted and pinned into place.

6. Go to bed and leave it to dry. I actually put some nice, big Bridget Jones style knickers on my head to keep it in place.

7. When you wake up you can unravel your twists.

8. Once they are all unravelled, throw your head forward and shake your hands through your hair to loosen all of the twists and blast it with the hairdryer on a cool setting.

9. Add some hair spray, serum and whatever else you like to tame your mane and you’re done.

10. Enjoy your beach waves with zero effort.

If you enjoy really easy to do hairstyles like the one today, then follow my blog and I will keep you up to date with any that I find.

Lots of Love


My Christmas celebrations started with a bang last week and I’m already struggling to keep up. I ventured out for some cocktails and food with the lovely girls from work on Friday night, Oxfam photo shoot all day Saturday, then onto my best friends house for more food, Christmas jumper wearing and Christmas tree inspecting on Saturday night and finally my first family get together on Sunday where I indulged some more. Basically, I have been a terrible blogger as I have been too busy eating…a lot! So as you can imagine for a girl who rarely goes out, this weekend has destroyed me and to say I’m ecstatic to be on my sofa, in my onesie with a cup of tea is in an understatement.

Luckily for me, my gorgeous friend, fellow blogger and personal make-up artist Kimmy Cattin has written a fantastic post on how to get the perfect Glitter eye just in time for Christmas.

All That Glitters

As you might have realised, I am a huge fan of glitter over the festive period. A lot of makeup artists stay away from glitter because it can be messy but I love a challenge and my over-obsessed perfectionism takes over when I’m working on any glitter jobs.

I recently  worked a photo shoot for Oxfam who were looking for a ‘Christmas party’ themed makeup. This gave me an excuse to get the glitter out. I have shown how you can achieve this look in 4 simple steps.

Step 1 – Smokey eye

Firstly I did a basic smokey eye using reds and browns. I used Mac’s painterly as a base and blended this.


Step 2 – Glitter glue

Next I used a glitter glue and placed this carefully over the eyelid, taking it right to the crease line. I used glitter lips glue by beauty boulevard but you can use any glitter fix. I then used Mac glitter pot in copper and placed this on the eye using my finger, carefully pressing it on over the glue.


Step 3 – Clean up

There was a lot of fall out from the glitter so a clean up job was in order. Using makeup remover, I used cotton buds to remove the excess glitter. This takes a little while to get every speck of glitter, but stick with it, the final look is worth it.

Step 4 – Lashes and face

Next I used Rimmel lashes to add some volume and continued to complete the makeup with face, blush and lips. I went for a brown toned nude to ensure focus was kept on the eyes.

When Kimmy Cattin created this look on Saturday at The Oxfam Photo Shoot, I was completely in awe. It’s such a dramatic look and would look incredible at any upcoming Christmas events that you might be attending. Go glitter crazy girls!

Today I was lucky enough to be behind the scenes of an Oxfam fashion photo shoot showcasing a number of Christmas Party looks and seen as though it was the perfect example of how you can look good for less, I just had to blog about it. The organiser Jess, was such a lovely person and even though she was swamped coordinating the whole shoot which included selecting the outfits to designing the set, she still made the time to answer any questions that I put to her. She explained to me that she started volunteering in an Oxfam store around 3 years ago and then progressed into working for Remake:Remodel. Remake:Remodel is a side project in the Gateshead Oxfam store that up-cycles all the unsellable boring or ugly clothes, to make ‘fabulous knitted goods, funky accessories, happy handbags and delicious dresses.’ It’s such a fantastic project and Jess obviously has an incredible, creative flair which was certainly brought to the shoot today. The outfit choices that she created, using only items from local Oxfam stores, were stunning and could be worn for all occasions by all ages.


Through the mist of hairspray and glitter, I had a sneak peek at what was going to be featured and I was so excited to see sequins, faux furs and lots of colour. I was even more excited when I saw the price tags, where else could you buy a Karen Millen dresses in excellent condition for  only £12.99! All the items featured in the shoot today were all in impeccable condition which squashes the misconception that if you buy second-hand, then you are going to get second-hand quality as this is certainly not the case. We live in a culture where fashion changes so rapidly that people are giving away items that have hardly been worn.



All of the shoes on the shoot were perfect party shoes but I took a real shine to this pair of £3.99 suede Green Court heels which were originally from Dorothy Perkins. If they had been a size 4, I would have snapped them up immediately. The bright coloured stiletto trend, like every other, came and went quite quickly a few years ago which meant people started donating them to places like Oxfam. This is great news for us now, as this trend is back with a colourful bang. If you want to add the perfect splash of colour to your LBD or want something a little more daring with your sequin bodycon, then these are the shoes for you.



The first look featured a beautifully, simple gold satin bandeau dress with added black suede wedges and pearl necklaces. Team this with an expert model, pink hair, a killer red lip and a tinsel shawl and you’re ready to go. This dress still had the original tag attached, meaning it had never been worn and what was once a dress from Oasis costing £55 was now the same dress in Oxfam for only £14.99.


Model Darcy could have walked straight off a runway in this powder blue chiffon dress with embellished detail. Absolutely stunning. Who needs to know that it only cost £6.99? Then she became a lady in red in this ravishing red backless skater dress.

This purple satin bow detail dress was one of my favourites from today as it is one of those dresses that my wardrobe lacks and with the added leopard print faux fur stole, it adds a bit of fun to the whole look. Next time I’m frantically searching for that sophisticated wedding outfit, I’ll know to visit my local Oxfam first as this dress cost £7.99 and the stole was £2.99.

This pleated wrap over dress was also another one of my favourites. It’s very fun, young and flattering. As the dress was very understated Kimmy Cattin, the make-up artist, went for a dramatic glitter eye which complimented the look perfectly. The dress cost £5.99

The black peplum dress with spike shoulder detail and mesh inserts is something you would expect from the likes of Missguided or Topshop so to be able to pick it up from Oxfam at less than half the cost is always a plus in my eyes.I’ve also posted a few extra photos of some other items that weren’t in the shoot but that I couldn’t ignore. Love the fur hat and clutch bag.

Christmas is now just around the corner and with Christmas comes a crazy amount of parties and nights out which can make an unwanted dent on our bank balance. If you’re a social butterfly t his season, make sure you check out your local Oxfam first for any occasion. Be a savvy shopper and still look fabulous! Unlined Lingerie

Lots of Love HFB





Oversized Coat – £24.99 – H&M

Black Stretch Top – £7.99 – H&M

Jeans – Primark

Boots – Dr Martens

I’m not usually a wearer of black, never mind a full black look but I always admire girls who do. It’s such a classic. I was once told to avoid wearing black as it is a draining colour but every now and then, I crumble and the black clothes come out. It’s happening more and more recently and who can blame me, who doesn’t love black? It’s such a versatile colour, every thing looks better in black.

A few years ago all the females in my family visited a woman who gave us advice on what colours we should and shouldn’t wear. She draped a variety of coloured materials around my shoulders and dropped each piece, one by one. The logic behind this is that your skin tone, eye colour and face changes depending on the colour that you wear. To some people, this may sound ridiculous but to me, it does make a lot of sense.

We all have different skin colours, different hair colours, different eye colours, we’re all different so it makes sense that a colour that shines on one, drains another. When I first heard about it, I wasn’t convinced or too thrilled about someone telling me what I could or worse still, couldn’t wear. Sensing my apprehension, the advisor asked, ‘Have you ever bought a top that you absolutely loved in store however, once you’re home, it just never feels right and in the end it sits in your wardrobe gathering dust?’ She got me there. I have done this far too many times to mention and not only is it frustrating, it’s also a waste of money. She then proceeded to tell me that this would be because the colour just wasn’t my colour. I’ve got to be honest, I probably don’t follow her advice as much as I should or as much as the rest of my family do but it does make shopping a lot easier. Think of it like the film ‘He’s Just Not That into You’ but more like ‘It’s Just Not Your Colour.’ I’m sure you have all been in the situation where you’ve been shopping non-stop, all day trying to find that ‘perfect’ dress for your upcoming night out. You’ve tried on the entire contents of all of your favourite stores and then, just as you were giving up hope, you catch sight of that ‘perfect’ dress. Hurray! You frantically charge your way through a group of unexpecting girls, leap over any small child that gets in your way and sprint passed the shop assistant while grabbing the fitting room disc with such precision, you could be a serious contender for the English relay team, you drop your clothes to the floor, pull the dress on and….oh! It doesn’t look right. So you stand, twisting and turning, pulling and pushing, anything to make this dress look right. You tell yourself you’re tired, the lighting isn’t right in those darn changing rooms, it’ll look better once it’s on at home and maybe you’re right but what I’ve found in these situations is the perfect dress will never feel perfect if it’s not the right colour. Sometimes I love this, sometimes I hate it but once you know your colours, you’ll have a wardrobe full of clothes that look good and make you feel amazing wearing them.

Lots of Love HFB


After a cruel mix of broken sleep, late nights, early mornings, bitter Winter weather and a lot of December stress, it is fair to say that my skin isn’t feeling or looking its best at the moment. In fact, I almost sobbed into my Weetabix this morning as I caught my reflection in the mirror. It’s dry, grey, spotty, my lips are chapped, my eyes are bloodshot and the purple veins protruding around them would guarantee me a part on The Walking Dead. Sound familiar?

According to a recent survey, the average woman will spend £18,000 on her face  in her lifetime.  I myself have been guilty of buying umpteen face masks, moisturisers and the ‘must-have’ skin creams, chasing that radiant glow. However, if we rushed out to buy all of the recommended potions that are on the market right now, then surely we would be bankrupt. This morning, for instance, I started frantically googling all beauty reviews and articles, trying to find a quick fix and then got with the real world and realised that it’s a mere 3 weeks until Christmas day so I have no money to spend on myself or my skin. Why doesn’t my skin realise that it’s party season and really not the time to be a nuisance? As was googling, I noticed a lot of articles about water and the positive effects that it has on not only on your skin but on your whole wellbeing. I started asking myself, why are we spending so much on skin products when we have a free, miracle liquid flowing out of our taps at home. Are we so caught up in the new ‘must-have’ products that we’re ignoring the natural and cheap ways to making ourselves look and feel good? According to research, drinking 2-3 litres of water a day has a variety of benefits including:

  • Weight loss – water naturally reduces your appetite.
  • Clear skin – water flushes toxins out of your body and clears your skin of any dirt and bacteria.
  • Stops headaches – Tension headaches and dizziness can be caused by fatigue which can be cured or helped by drinking water.
  • Improves concentration – your brain is made up of 85% water so if you are dehydrated, it can make is harder to concentrate
  • Boosts your energy – your muscles are around 75% water, your bones are about 22% and your blood is around 83%.

So the facts are there but yet, admittedly, a lot of us don’t drink half as much water as we should. So, I have decided to put this to the test by starting a 30 day water challenge and logging my findings on my blog. I’m the type of girl who can drink a glass of water on a morning and then never again for the rest of the day, this really is going to be a struggle. The photo I have posted below is me without foundation, without concealer and without my daily water intake. Scary stuff! I will post one of these photos each week, same place, same camera, no photo trickery and I am hoping that my final photo will show a drastic change. I want brighter skin, a reduction in my black bags and sparkling eyes 🙂 Lets see if water is the miracle solution that we’re all after or whether in this case, it is worth spending the extra cash. Microfiber Lingerie

Lots of Love HFB




I could wear tartan anytime of year, I simply can’t get enough of it. I even have tartan wallpaper in my living room and if it was up to me, I would decorate my whole house in this timeless print, tartan carpets, tartan curtains, a tartan bed spread, a tartan bathroom….you get the idea. However, my boyfriend put his foot down so the only way I’ve been able to embrace my love for tartan is through my wardrobe. Hurray!

There is so many fantastic tartan items on the high street that it is hard to choose which one to buy and how you want to wear your tartan. It is a bold print which means that it can be hard to figure out how to wear it well, without looking like you’re auditioning for a part in Braveheart. Should you just go for it and dress in a full tartan dress? Do you mix and match with a tartan skirt or a top? Or should you be a tartan tease and add just a sprinkling of tartan with a scarf? Whichever way you choose, December is the month to do it.

I’ve listed a few photos of the items that I own to show you the ways that I will be wearing the trend this season to hopefully give you some inspiration too. As usual, all of my outfits are from the high street and won’t hurt your bank balance too much so go on, give yourself a tartan treat before Christmas.


What better way to wear this trend than to wear a tartan skirt. I couldn’t help myself when I saw this, I especially love how it is pleated. This one in particular is from Primark costing £8 however, I also spotted another little beauty from Missguided which is very similar.

For anyone daring enough to go fully tartan this season then a tartan dress is the way forward. This smock dress has become my ‘I have nothing to wear’ dress as it is so comfortable and easy to style. Black tights, black pumps and you’re ready to go. This dress is again from Primark and cost around £12. I did buy it a few weeks ago now and with how their quick turnaround, I’m not sure if it is still available but this one from Boohoo is almost identical and is currently in the sale.


This is the skirt that I featured in my recent post My £10 Charity Shop Challenge. Tartan has been around so long now that the charity shops are a great way to find some hidden treasures, I would definitely recommend having a rummage. I have styled mine slightly different today, a little bit more relaxed with the Supermodel Boyfriend T-Shirt from Missguided.  I regularly wear logo t-shirts with bold prints like this as I find the mishmash of it really works so if you’re ever struggling with what to wear with tartan then this is the easy option.  This skirt cost me £3.49 but if you’re not lucky enough to find a second-hand skirt then ASOS also have one which is very similar.


I’m not usually a fan of printed leggings but I made an exception when I saw these. They are so comfy! I’m a huge fan of oversized T-Shirts, especially on days where I’m feeling lazy and want a slouchy day. I bought these leggings last year from ASOS but they still have an identical pair. If you want something a little more casual, then go for it.


And finally, if you just want to add a splash of colour then go with a scarf or shawl. This will bring any old or dull outfit back to life. Again this scarf is from Primark however, I have found the most beautiful cape from River Island which will keep you warm all Winter.

Have fun shopping and tag me on Instagram with all of the ways that you will be wearing tartan this month!

Lots of Love HFB xxx


As you may have already noticed, I’m no stranger to the low-cost retailers that grace our local high streets. In fact, I love that I can simply walk in, find the latest trends, add a few unneeded accessories to my bag (because they were cheap) and then walk out feeling great when I realise that my huge bag didn’t even equate to more than £50. Don’t we all?

Did you know that out of the thousands of tonnes of textiles that people throw away every year, as much as 95% could be re-worn or recycled? That totally shocked me. How is that possible and why are we just throwing our clothes away? We obviously loved and cared for them when we initially bought them so why don’t we when we’re finished wearing them? Just because they may have a slight hole, small stain or are just ‘out of fashion,’ does that make them completely useless? I think it’s time to make a change. H&M launched a global garment collection initiative last year whereby, you hand in any old or unwanted clothing and in return you receive £5 gift voucher to spend in store. Not a bad deal eh?. Not only that, they’ve released the Conscious Clothing range which promises to be kind to your wallet, the planet and the people who make the clothing. Hi-five to H&M!

I started looking into this after talking to a relative about my blog, she pointed out that high street stores weren’t the only way you can find a bargain and she’s right. Think of all the charity shops in your area, stacked full of clothes, shoes, bags and jewellery, they’re cheap AND the money goes to a charity so you’re even helping people (or animals) while you shop. So I decided to set myself a little challenge.

I had a skirt to take back to Primark yesterday which was £8, once I had returned the said skirt, I wandered up the street in Sunderland where most of our charity shops are located and thought, I wonder how much I can actually get for this £8? Admitting, I did bump this up to £10 as it’s a bit of an easier number to work with. Now I’ve gone to vintage shops, stalls and fayre’s for years but that is totally different from rummaging around a charity shop. The best second-hand items are already picked out for you, some items are altered so that they are slightly more ‘cool’ or fitted and the prices tend to be higher because of this. My afternoon in the charity shops was amazing and so much fun. I recommend it to you all! As my relative said when discussing this topic, ‘it’s more about style than fashion when you’re in a charity shop’ and she was so right. The items aren’t just laid out in front of you, you have to rummage, there’s no mannequins advising you on how to wear an item, you’ve got to think about that for yourself and even the cheapest of retailers can’t compete on price.

I bought 4 items for my £10 and I love every single one. My favourite has to be the tartan skirt. As soon as I saw it, I knew that I had to have it especially since I had been eying up a very similar one from ASOS lately. I then bought the red and white Breton style top for £1.49, it is a few sizes too big but looks great with my old Levi’s and also over some skinny jeans on a casual day. I I then bought a cream, fitted roll neck jumper for £2.49. Again, these jumpers are everywhere on the high street and I even found a charity shop with a range of colours for the same kind of price. I would have bought them all but I was strictly sticking to my budget. Finally, I purchased this pretty River Island Polka Dot mini skirt with button detail for £2.49. I’ve styled it with the jumper that I bought but due to it having an elasticated waist, any oversized tee, jumper or shirt would also look great.

So there you have it, my £10 charity shop challenge is complete. I had so much fun doing it and love my purchases so much that I will be making this a regular feature on my blog. Let me know your thoughts or if you think you’re up to the challenge then tag me in your photos on my Instagram. Can’t wait to see them all!

Lots of Love HFB


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