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I could wear tartan anytime of year, I simply can’t get enough of it. I even have tartan wallpaper in my living room and if it was up to me, I would decorate my whole house in this timeless print, tartan carpets, tartan curtains, a tartan bed spread, a tartan bathroom….you get the idea. However, my boyfriend put his foot down so the only way I’ve been able to embrace my love for tartan is through my wardrobe. Hurray! Purple Lingerie

There is so many fantastic tartan items on the high street that it is hard to choose which one to buy and how you want to wear your tartan. It is a bold print which means that it can be hard to figure out how to wear it well, without looking like you’re auditioning for a part in Braveheart. Should you just go for it and dress in a full tartan dress? Do you mix and match with a tartan skirt or a top? Or should you be a tartan tease and add just a sprinkling of tartan with a scarf? Whichever way you choose, December is the month to do it.

I’ve listed a few photos of the items that I own to show you the ways that I will be wearing the trend this season to hopefully give you some inspiration too. As usual, all of my outfits are from the high street and won’t hurt your bank balance too much so go on, give yourself a tartan treat before Christmas.


What better way to wear this trend than to wear a tartan skirt. I couldn’t help myself when I saw this, I especially love how it is pleated. This one in particular is from Primark costing £8 however, I also spotted another little beauty from Missguided which is very similar.


For anyone daring enough to go fully tartan this season then a tartan dress is the way forward. This smock dress has become my ‘I have nothing to wear’ dress as it is so comfortable and easy to style. Black tights, black pumps and you’re ready to go. This dress is again from Primark and cost around £12. I did buy it a few weeks ago now and with how their quick turnaround, I’m not sure if it is still available but this one from Boohoo is almost identical and is currently in the sale.


This is the skirt that I featured in my recent post My £10 Charity Shop Challenge. Tartan has been around so long now that the charity shops are a great way to find some hidden treasures, I would definitely recommend having a rummage. I have styled mine slightly different today, a little bit more relaxed with the Supermodel Boyfriend T-Shirt from Missguided.  I regularly wear logo t-shirts with bold prints like this as I find the mishmash of it really works so if you’re ever struggling with what to wear with tartan then this is the easy option.  This skirt cost me £3.49 but if you’re not lucky enough to find a second-hand skirt then ASOS also have one which is very similar.


I’m not usually a fan of printed leggings but I made an exception when I saw these. They are so comfy! I’m a huge fan of oversized T-Shirts, especially on days where I’m feeling lazy and want a slouchy day. I bought these leggings last year from ASOS but they still have an identical pair. If you want something a little more casual, then go for it. Red Lingerie


And finally, if you just want to add a splash of colour then go with a scarf or shawl. This will bring any old or dull outfit back to life. Again this scarf is from Primark however, I have found the most beautiful cape from River Island which will keep you warm all Winter.

Have fun shopping and tag me on Instagram with all of the ways that you will be wearing tartan this month!

Lots of Love HFB xxx



Black skirt – £3 Pri

Grey jumper – Missguided

Orange jumper – £12 Primark

I haven’t shopped in Primark for quite a while so I had become rather excited at the thought of going crazy in store and crazy I went. I forgot how cheap it actually is and found myself picking up lovely cable knit jumpers and gasping at the price. Bargains all around! I’ve only posted a couple of my buys in this post simply due to the fact that I found myself in a food coma after my mammoth Sunday’s dinner till about 4pm and then, who’d have thought it, but the sun starting setting around this time too. This then caused a slightly rushed, slightly manic photo shoot in the garden which also included changing while standing in the garden (near a main road). What a treat for any Sunday drivers out there 🙂

So back to my shop, even though Penny wasn’t being her usual happy self that day, I did manage to raid the sale area. It still baffles me how Primark can even have a sale but I’m so glad they do. The black mock PVC style skater skirt was only £3! At that price, I couldn’t not buy it. It’s also light, comfortable and did I mention it’s £3. I’ve styled it casually but also tried something a little dressier which would look great for any Christmas event that you might have coming up.

The orange jumper with the added jewelled necklace was one of those “I need to buy that” items which doesn’t really happen all that often with me. I’m so indecisive when it comes to buying clothes. If I’m going out on a Saturday night for example, I have to try something on, stand in the changing room toying with idea of buying it, leave the changing room with the item, walk around the shop while trying to decide whether to buy or not, decide not, hang the item back up, leave the shop, visit all the other shops, stress that I don’t have anything to wear, then realise that I should have just bought the first item I tried on. I’m also terrible if I receive money for my birthday or Christmas, I spend well over a week googling, reading magazines, trawling through online stores and visiting stores just to make sure I don’t spend my precious money that’s just for me on something that I either don’t really need or something I may regret. I annoy myself at times. Anyway, I love the colour of this jumper, it will brighten up any outfit and although I’ve dressed it up, I would be happy wearing this with a pair of black skinny jeans or even boyfriend jeans for a more casual stance on it. I will be posting more of my shop later this week, believe it or not, there is another £3 skirt in there. Keep posted…

Lots of love xxx

If you read my post yesterday, you would know that I was braving myself for a trip to my nearest shopping centre with my 15 month  old in tow which is something I try to avoid as much as I can. So today was the day and let’s just say I definitely shouldn’t have worn my knitted jumper. Skin Lingerie

I had meticulously planned the timing of the journey to tie in with Penny’s nap, if she fell asleep around 5 minutes away from the shopping centre then going off previous experiences, that nap should continue for at least 30 minutes around the shops too. So as I watched her little eyelids slowly close, I smiled to myself smugly, ‘Well done, you’ve got this all under control.’ Then I hit traffic and was in that traffic for over 30 minutes and my smugness turned into anger. Inconsiderate road works. Thanks to this, as I pulled into the car park and parked up, I turned around and saw big blue eyes staring back at me. She was awake!

I had to quickly rethink my previous plan of action and headed straight to Primark thinking that she would sit quietly while I had a good browse, she had her nap after all so should be in a fine fettle. Again, like I said yesterday, babies are annoyingly unpredictable so once again I was wrong. She touched every item of clothing that we walked past, sometimes she would grab something so tightly that I had to prise her hands open which then made her cry, this then made her hot which then made her cry some more. This is when I kicked myself and called myself ‘stupid’ for wearing a thick knitted jumper. No matter how beautiful the jumper is, it does not look good when it’s on a red-faced, stressed out girl with hair stuck to her sweaty brow and whose baby is proudly wrecking the shop. In the end, I filled my basket with whatever I could quickly grab and took it straight to the till. These are the days when you know that even thinking about trying your items on in an actual changing room is just absurd. Its more of a smash and grab kind of shopping trip. I still don’t really know what I managed to pick up and I certainly haven’t tried anything on yet but once I do, I’ll be sure to post it.

As for my knitted jumper, it’s still one of my favourite autumn/winter items and I will be wearing it as much as I can throughout these cold, winter months. I bought it from Zara a few weeks ago and paid a little bit more than I normally would for a jumper but we were in Edinburgh for my birthday so I was feeling frivolous. I bought my Fedora last year from Missguided however, it is still available this year (link below) and as previously mentioned , my bag was a gift from Thailand from my mam.

Roll neck jumper – Zara

Fedora – Missguided

Ankle boots – Office

Thanks for reading xxx

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