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I’m the type of girl who leaves everything to the last-minute, this includes washing my hair. I’ve got such a thick mane that washing, drying and then styling it becomes something I try to avoid for as long as I possibly can. It’s one horribly, tedious job so if I can get around this and still look decent, I’m all for it. I saw a tutorial on Instagram a few weeks ago and had to give it a try as I love a ‘little effort as possible’ hairstyle. This is the perfect solution if your hair is desperate to be washed but you’re not desperate to spend the time styling it. Lingerie Rompers

Step by Step Guide

1. Wash your hair as normal and towel dry to take out any excess water. My hair is quite thick so if you’re the same, you could also blast it with a hairdryer a little.

2. Spray on your favourite sea salt spray. I used my DIY sea salt spray that I made on my blog here

3. Separate your hair into big sections. I did one on top, two on each side and three down the back. These can differ depending on the thickness and length of your hair. If you want a loose wave I would do less.

4. Start twisting your first section and then wrap it around itself as shown in the photo above. Pin this in place using a Bobby pin, leaving the ends out.

5. Do this until your hair is all twisted and pinned into place.

6. Go to bed and leave it to dry. I actually put some nice, big Bridget Jones style knickers on my head to keep it in place.

7. When you wake up you can unravel your twists.

8. Once they are all unravelled, throw your head forward and shake your hands through your hair to loosen all of the twists and blast it with the hairdryer on a cool setting.

9. Add some hair spray, serum and whatever else you like to tame your mane and you’re done.

10. Enjoy your beach waves with zero effort.

If you enjoy really easy to do hairstyles like the one today, then follow my blog and I will keep you up to date with any that I find.

Lots of Love



Today I’m going to show you some hair tips that are kind to your purse AND kind to your hair. Sounds too good to be true right? This post will show you how to make your own Sea Salt spray and then a really easy, heat free technique to achieve soft, beach style waves.

I always love the look that Sea Salt Spray creates, especially if I’m going for that ‘I’ve just rolled out of the beach or bed’ kind of look. I have used numerous brands and sometimes find the brands that work the best, inevitably, cost the most. So to combat this, I decided to be savvy and make my own. Without sounding too biased, I was extremely impressed with the results so thought, it would only be fair to share with you all. Neon Lingerie


To make the spray, you will need:

1 cup of warm (not boiling) water

1 tbsp of Sea Salt

1 tsp of gel

1 tsp of Coconut Oil

Mix them all together in a jug or a pourable cup and simply pour the liquid into a bottle that has a spray nozzle top. Then away you go, spray and srunch away. The tutorial of how to create the beach waves is on the video below. Hope you all enjoy your beach waves and low-cost spray.

Lots of Love

HFB xxx




How cold is it please?!?! Winter is definitely coming (bit of Game of Thrones humour there). Although I think I hate Winter because I am not great at being cold, I think I secretly love it as I love to layer. Huge coats, even bigger scarfs, wooly jumpers, big boots…actually I prefer Winter fashion to anything else. I bought the above scarf from Primark for only £5 and I have had soooo many compliments about it today so you’ll be seeing a lot more of this from now on.

I have now also decided that seen as though I am now writing a blog, I might as well just go all out and do a vlog too. I have said that I will post my advice, how to’s and tutorials on really quick and more important, easy to do hairstyles, so here it goes. I had initially thought about taking photos and doing a step by step guide but from personally experience, it is easier for a viewer to watch a video than just look at a photo.


I have started my first ever YouTube channel tonight and posted my first ever vlog so I hope you like it. I have edited myself so please be kind, I promise I will get better once I get my head around this all. I decided to do a Milkmaid Braid to start with as it is my go-to hairstyle when I’m running really late and/or my hair is way beyond the social point of when it should have been washed. My hair takes so long to dry that I avoid washing it for as long as I possibly can so styles like this are perfect. Hope you enjoy my first ever video, thank you for watching and stay tuned for more tutorials. Ultra Sexy Lingerie

Lots of love HFB xxx


So here it goes…my first ever Her Fashion Blog post.

I was lucky enough to be asked to submit a feature for Hair Magazine this week so cue me throwing Penny at Dominic and reaching for the curlers. I was even luckier enough to have just had my roots done the day before…hurray!!! As you may or hopefully may not be able to tell,  I am not a natural ginger/red head. In fact, I don’t actually know what colour my natural hair is, at a guess I’d say it’s probably mousey brown. My mam is a hairdresser so I had my first Geri Halliwellesque bleached strands at the front of my hair when I was just 10 years old and since then I’ve been blonde, brown, black, purple, red and now this.

My coat is the M&S Pink Duster coat that was sold out everywhere last year. I fell in love with it from the moment I saw it but just couldn’t get my hands on it. I finally settled on a copy from China which I will post on here at some point but when I spotted this on eBay this year, I just couldn’t help myself from going bid crazy. I finally won it for £61. My jumper is from Missguided and it is the perfect winter jumper, chunky enough to keep you warm but not so chunky that you cant stand it when you’re indoors. Ideal! My ankle boots were a birthday treat from Office and my lovely ‘Mulberry’ bag came all the way from Thailand.

Hope you like xoxo

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