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My Christmas celebrations started with a bang last week and I’m already struggling to keep up. I ventured out for some cocktails and food with the lovely girls from work on Friday night, Oxfam photo shoot all day Saturday, then onto my best friends house for more food, Christmas jumper wearing and Christmas tree inspecting on Saturday night and finally my first family get together on Sunday where I indulged some more. Basically, I have been a terrible blogger as I have been too busy eating…a lot! So as you can imagine for a girl who rarely goes out, this weekend has destroyed me and to say I’m ecstatic to be on my sofa, in my onesie with a cup of tea is in an understatement. Full Figure lingerie

Luckily for me, my gorgeous friend, fellow blogger and personal make-up artist Kimmy Cattin has written a fantastic post on how to get the perfect Glitter eye just in time for Christmas.

All That Glitters

As you might have realised, I am a huge fan of glitter over the festive period. A lot of makeup artists stay away from glitter because it can be messy but I love a challenge and my over-obsessed perfectionism takes over when I’m working on any glitter jobs.

I recently  worked a photo shoot for Oxfam who were looking for a ‘Christmas party’ themed makeup. This gave me an excuse to get the glitter out. I have shown how you can achieve this look in 4 simple steps.

Step 1 – Smokey eye

Firstly I did a basic smokey eye using reds and browns. I used Mac’s painterly as a base and blended this.


Step 2 – Glitter glue

Next I used a glitter glue and placed this carefully over the eyelid, taking it right to the crease line. I used glitter lips glue by beauty boulevard but you can use any glitter fix. I then used Mac glitter pot in copper and placed this on the eye using my finger, carefully pressing it on over the glue.


Step 3 – Clean up

There was a lot of fall out from the glitter so a clean up job was in order. Using makeup remover, I used cotton buds to remove the excess glitter. This takes a little while to get every speck of glitter, but stick with it, the final look is worth it.

Step 4 – Lashes and face

Next I used Rimmel lashes to add some volume and continued to complete the makeup with face, blush and lips. I went for a brown toned nude to ensure focus was kept on the eyes.

When Kimmy Cattin created this look on Saturday at The Oxfam Photo Shoot, I was completely in awe. It’s such a dramatic look and would look incredible at any upcoming Christmas events that you might be attending. Go glitter crazy girls!

Today I was lucky enough to be behind the scenes of an Oxfam fashion photo shoot showcasing a number of Christmas Party looks and seen as though it was the perfect example of how you can look good for less, I just had to blog about it. The organiser Jess, was such a lovely person and even though she was swamped coordinating the whole shoot which included selecting the outfits to designing the set, she still made the time to answer any questions that I put to her. She explained to me that she started volunteering in an Oxfam store around 3 years ago and then progressed into working for Remake:Remodel. Remake:Remodel is a side project in the Gateshead Oxfam store that up-cycles all the unsellable boring or ugly clothes, to make ‘fabulous knitted goods, funky accessories, happy handbags and delicious dresses.’ It’s such a fantastic project and Jess obviously has an incredible, creative flair which was certainly brought to the shoot today. The outfit choices that she created, using only items from local Oxfam stores, were stunning and could be worn for all occasions by all ages.


Through the mist of hairspray and glitter, I had a sneak peek at what was going to be featured and I was so excited to see sequins, faux furs and lots of colour. I was even more excited when I saw the price tags, where else could you buy a Karen Millen dresses in excellent condition for  only £12.99! All the items featured in the shoot today were all in impeccable condition which squashes the misconception that if you buy second-hand, then you are going to get second-hand quality as this is certainly not the case. We live in a culture where fashion changes so rapidly that people are giving away items that have hardly been worn.



All of the shoes on the shoot were perfect party shoes but I took a real shine to this pair of £3.99 suede Green Court heels which were originally from Dorothy Perkins. If they had been a size 4, I would have snapped them up immediately. The bright coloured stiletto trend, like every other, came and went quite quickly a few years ago which meant people started donating them to places like Oxfam. This is great news for us now, as this trend is back with a colourful bang. If you want to add the perfect splash of colour to your LBD or want something a little more daring with your sequin bodycon, then these are the shoes for you. satin lingerie



The first look featured a beautifully, simple gold satin bandeau dress with added black suede wedges and pearl necklaces. Team this with an expert model, pink hair, a killer red lip and a tinsel shawl and you’re ready to go. This dress still had the original tag attached, meaning it had never been worn and what was once a dress from Oasis costing £55 was now the same dress in Oxfam for only £14.99.





Model Darcy could have walked straight off a runway in this powder blue chiffon dress with embellished detail. Absolutely stunning. Who needs to know that it only cost £6.99? Then she became a lady in red in this ravishing red backless skater dress.


This purple satin bow detail dress was one of my favourites from today as it is one of those dresses that my wardrobe lacks and with the added leopard print faux fur stole, it adds a bit of fun to the whole look. Next time I’m frantically searching for that sophisticated wedding outfit, I’ll know to visit my local Oxfam first as this dress cost £7.99 and the stole was £2.99.


This pleated wrap over dress was also another one of my favourites. It’s very fun, young and flattering. As the dress was very understated Kimmy Cattin, the make-up artist, went for a dramatic glitter eye which complimented the look perfectly. The dress cost £5.99


The black pelum dress with spike shoulder detail and mesh inserts is something you would expect from the likes of Missguided or Topshop so to be able to pick it up from Oxfam at less than half the cost is always a plus in my eyes.



Finally, this beautiful model managed to debut two incredible party looks. The first photo which includes a peter pan collared blouse and high-waisted midi skirt, is the ideal set for a straight after work drinks look. The blouse and skirt both cost just £3.99 each. The sequin prom style midi dress was one of the favourites with everyone at the shoot and that was no surprise. I love it.


I’ve also posted a few extra photos of some other items that weren’t in the shoot but that I couldn’t ignore. Love the fur hat and clutch bag.

Christmas is now just around the corner and with Christmas comes a crazy amount of parties and nights out which can make an unwanted dent on our bank balance. If you’re a social butterfly this season, make sure you check out your local Oxfam first for any occasion. Be a savvy shopper and still look fabulous! Silk Lingerie

Lots of Love HFB


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